Digital Display Advertisement
KTS InfoTech PVT LTD, Pala is organizing a Digital Display advertisement program as part of the Pala Flower Show 2012 (Dec 27 to Jan 2) using the state of the art Digital Signage (Notice Board) Technology developed by KTS InfoTech.

The Details of  Advertisement Program:

# Single Shop Banner for 5 Seconds - minimum once in an hour 
# Single Shop Video for 30 Sec - minimum once in 2 Hours
# Shop Banner Display for at least one Item in the stage program
# Shop Video Display for at least one Item in the stage program 
# Custom Banner / Video Duration Advertisement Program

As an additional offer, for all those who are giving us Digital Display Advertisement for Pala Flower show, we will create and display your shops information in the featured shop page section in Pala Business directory for 3 months*. 

For more details call us on this number 9020155895 or visit our Pala or Payappar office.

1. KTS InfoTech Pvt Ltd,

Kattakkayam Buildings,

Kattakkayam Road,


India-686 575


Phone : +91-4822212376

2. KTS InfoTech PVT LTD

Kadankavil Buildings,

Payappar, Mundankal PO, Pala

Kottayam, Kerala, India


Phone: 91-4822201136



yahoo_messenger id : kts_infotech

*After 3 months featured page listing they can renew it with an additional fee per month. The Page will still be displayed in our web site even if it is not having the advantage of a featured listing.